It is no secret that the world’s centre of gravity is rapidly shifting away from Washington and the West to the East and Beijing.  The impact of this new world order on both multinational corporations from developed countries (MNCs) and those from emerging countries (EMNCs) will be significant.  MNCs will increasingly have to learn how to sell their products and services to customers in emerging markets and compete with new competitors from these markets.  Conversely, EMNCs must learn how to build global businesses and brands.  Neither will prove easy in practice, and, in fact, will require significant changes for both MNCs and EMNCs in terms of their corporate strategies, business models, capabilities, organizations, and, perhaps, most importantly, mindsets.


The objective of this blog is to examine each of these trends and challenges in more detail, both to improve my own thinking, and, hopefully, also to spark a rich dialogue and exchange of ideas with you, the reader.  Over the coming months, I will post a variety of perspectives, including my own as well those of my colleagues at Strategy&, and, of course, those of other thought leaders from business and academia.  It is my sincere hope that, over time, you will find this blog to be a useful source of information about how to compete in China and other emerging markets, as well as about corporate and business unit strategy in general.